At Mountain View Academy we believe that every learner should be given a fair and equal opportunity to quality education in an atmosphere where diversity is celebrated. Sound educational principles and inclusive practices are implemented side by side in order to equip learners with high academic outcomes and life values.

Our family-orientated environment includes a specialised staff body of experienced, caring and motivated individuals. Our educators are consistently going the extra mile and taking the initiative to ensure that the learning environment is beneficial for every learner in our school.

Mountain View Academy is a unique academic organisation aimed at empowering a future generation through leadership skills and social development. We celebrate diversity and our classrooms are best suited to cater for children who learn better in smaller groups.

Our mission is to foster independent thinking, self-confidence, strong moral values based on Christian principles, respect for others and a responsible attitude towards the environment and society.

The school’s philosophy encompasses a strong Christian ethos within an inclusive environment where no one is made to feel excluded or unnoticed.


This school was started in the year 2006 to provide parents with a “home-school” alternative.

The learners find themselves in an inclusive environment where they receive close individual attention in a small classroom environment. The learners’ academic needs are met at the level that they are at and where necessary, individual education programs are set up so that each learner experiences success within their day. The emphasis is on skills development and independent study methods as opposed to the accumulation of facts by rote learning.

The curriculum and school terms laid down by the Western Cape Education Department are followed. The content of the curriculum is presented with a holistic approach.

English, Mathematics and Life Skills are the core learning areas within the Foundation Phase at Mountain View Academy and all other learning areas are integrated within this programme. In the Intermediate and Senior Phases, the learning areas, as laid down by the Western Cape Department of Education, are followed. Where necessary, alternative forms of assessment are implemented within our supportive environment.