Camp 2021!

Matric Visual Arts Outing

The matric Visual Arts students have had a busy week! How fortunate we have been to be able to see such wonderful and inspiring artwork. Zeitz MOCAA Iziko Museums of South Africa Peter Clarke Art Centre

Crazy Friday!

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day at the High School is traditionally celebrated by the learners watching an Afrikaans movie.  This was ‘enjoyed’ by those who hardly get to hear Afrikaans being spoken beyond the class room. The ‘trade-off’ was a short stroll through the mall!

Annual Camp 2020

The High School learners went on their annual camp to Bergkroon in Wellington. The learners enjoyed their ‘school in the outdoors’ .  The children worked hard at the various team challenges where some girls and boys experienced physical potential that they didn’t realise that they had!