All learners accepted by this private school should display the potential ability to meet the minimum grade criteria as set out by the WCED. As the aim is for learners to obtain a Matric Senior Certificate at the end of their schooling career, every learner ’s progress will be formatively, formally and informally assessed and monitored.

If, by the age of 14 or Grade 6 (whichever comes first), it is found that a learner is not achieving the necessary outcomes for his/her level, a multi-disciplinary decision will be taken and the learner will be referred to an alternative learning environment that can more adequately cater for his/her needs. Learners entering Mountain View Academy private school in Monte Vista from another school may be required to write an entrance level test. All learners applying for admission to Grade 8 have to write an entrance level diagnostic test, whether or not they were “Progressed” from Grade 7 at their previous school.

A pass at Grade 9 level will not necessarily mean that a learner will be accepted to the FET phase. Only learners displaying the academic ability and work ethic and who have demonstrated that they can meet the demands of Grades 10, 11 and 12 will be allowed to continue their studies through Mountain View Academy. If there is any dispute or uncertainty regarding a learner ’s acceptance to the FET phase, such a learner may be required to write an additional acceptance test or may be referred to a specialist for further testing. Moderate barriers to learning are not seen as a disqualifying factor for acceptance to FET, except where the school infrastructure and staff capabilities prove to be deficient in dealing with such a barrier.

No child will be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, religion, socio-economic background or any other factor. Parents/Guardians of new learners must display a commitment to adhering to the school’s fee structure, as set out in the “Terms and Conditions”.