The Show must go on!

  Time to keep our heads high and to not panic. To keep the pupils up-to-date with school work and to ensure that nobody falls behind we are using google classroom to stay connected during this long holiday. This is a great way to keep the kids busy and on top of their school work.

About us – Mountain View Academy!

What you can expect from Mountain View Academy: An Inclusive Environment Classes from Grade 1 to Matric Learning & Teaching in a nurturing environment Quality attention in our small groups Individual learning programmes set up where necessary NILD education therapy Teachers are trained in COGNET as well as in implementing alternative forms of assessment Compliance

Update – Past Pupil

Good Morning Gail   Please call me Sheema. Ahmed is well,he started at College of Cape Town.Thornton Campus. He is doing Building and Civil Engineering. He will basically be going into the Building Industry. I do not know whether you can recall the psychologist advised he does a trade,hence his chosen the eventual route to

Mediclinic Panorama letter of thanks

Thank you to all the pupils that came to Mediclinic Panorama this morning. What a lovely surprize to see all of them taking time out of their day to make a difference in someone else’s day. Would you please convey my thanks to them. Kind regards Debbie Gould Soft Touch Therapy Ward C3 Mediclinic Panorama