Update – Past Pupil

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Good Morning Gail


Please call me Sheema. Ahmed is well,he started at College of Cape Town.Thornton Campus. He is doing Building and Civil Engineering. He will basically be going into the Building Industry. I do not know whether you can recall the psychologist advised he does a trade,hence his chosen the eventual route to go into Plumbing.

His dad is in the building industry,so we hope he can learn more from the practical exposure with his dad, as we know academic learning he finds a bit challenging.He is as hardworking as ever,sitting till late,I told him his hard work paid off in Matric and will definately benefit him in the future.He already attends the extra maths classes offered at the school .

Will definitely send him your love

Thanks so much for the documentation.

Once again thanks to Mountain View Academy for all the support,belief and encouragement with regards to Ahmed.It will never be forgotten and I can honestly say if it was not for the awesome teachers and support structure offered at your school,Ahmed would never have coped so well and be the strong person he is today.It really enhanced his confidence .He has a MATRIC CERTIFICATE BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU!!!!!!


Have an awesome day and all the best to all


Kind Regards