“Snippets” taken from our Head Prefect at Valedictory/Awards evening

by / Thursday, 30 October 2014 / Published in Latest News, Uncategorized

………..In the journey of being in Matric, it has not been easy or too hard. That’s because we have received the best help, care and utmost support from our teachers and our parents. Without teachers and parents, I wouldn’t be standing here so proudly.

To all the teachers – Thank you for ALL your hard work. Your time, energy and for putting in the extra effort to get us to work! Today you can all be proud of yourselves because you have all planted a good seed within us.

Special thanks to our class teacher, Miss Van Rensburg (Van Rensie) – for pushing us to do just the BEST! Creating ways for us to look forward to achieving our standards.

It’s now time for you teachers and parents to sit back and watch us grow and fly high like eagles.

To my Grade 12 buddies, we are all so different but we were the perfect puzzle because we fitted perfectly. We are going to go our separate ways but I would love for us to stay united by being that perfect puzzle, always. We have had super crazy times, we have shared good times as well as low times. Today, right now, I am more than happy to call you my friends.

Before I end off, Psalm 23 verse 1 says: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”. As we are about to write our finals, may the Lord be our Shepherd and our guide, because He will never leave nor forsake us. All we need to do is trust Him.

Even to the MVA family, The Lord will be with you always.

Peace amongst us all.