Letter of Thanks – June 2016

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Hi girls

Today I felt a little emotional when I looked at Keysha’s assessments from a well-known Professor from when she was 1.5 years and 2.5 years.    I am not sure if I ever showed you these reports.

I looked at her medical discharge after she was injured as a baby when hit with a spade and then came into care with us.   Then I looked at her first term report at your wonderful school and wondered how she could have ever achieved this kind of result.   We never thought this possible.   Today she came home and told me she had  49 out of 50 for her Geography exam.

How do Andy and  I ever  thank people like yourselves for giving this little girl the life changing opportunity you have given her?    We have no words to ever express our gratitude but feel we have to tell you that we are overwhelmed with gratitude and will never forget your kindness and sacrifice.   Running a school like Mountain View is a big challenge financially and nobody involved will ever get rich in the process.

Just thought I needed to tell you how very special you are today and that Keysha adores her school and will always remember what the school did for her.    She will be a reflection of her school in her life journey ahead.

Much love


Kind Regards

Toni Tresadern